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The information contained in this site has been included in good faith and is to be used exclusively for general information. It may not be used for any specific purposes and Royal Óbidos provides no guarantee with regards to its exactness and integrity.

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The Royal Óbidos site may contain hyperlinks or links permitting access to other internet sites. Such sites are the property of third parties and managed by them. Royal Óbidos merely provides the possibility of accessing such sites although it has no liability in respect thereof nor in respect of any information therein contained as none of the sites has been inspected by Royal Óbidos.

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Royal Óbidos is committed to protecting the personal privacy of visitors to this site. Personal information is defined as being: name, address, telephone and e-mail. Royal Óbidos shall only compile personal information which visitors have voluntarily provided. When supplying us with personal details you are authorising Royal Óbidos to use such information in the manner and in conformity with the premises described in this legal notice and the actual site.

Users also have the right to limit or prohibit the use of their personal data or cancel this information at any time by sending us a request or in respect of any other issue or comment related with the use of their personal data to the following e-mail address:

Other Types of Information we may Compile

Users will have heard of "cookies" which are files or excerpts of information stored by their browsers on their computer's hard drive. When revisiting our site, the server (which stores the details of our site) will recognise previous visitors and will verify the personal information left in such "cookies". Most browsers are prepared to accept "cookies". If you wish, you can programme your computer to reject "cookies" or warn you when they are being sent. The refusal to accept "cookies" from the site you are visiting may make it impossible to access certain areas of the site or receive personalised information. We are constantly endeavouring to improve our websites and this explains why we measure the effectiveness of our presence by the contents being visited. Information on your computer such as its IP address (a number which is allocated to your computer whenever using the internet) and type of browser and operating system used may be collected. These are only used to ensure that our sites are user-friendly for visitors and are an effective information resource (non-personal information).

Integrity of Information

We take all proper precautions to keep your personal information confidential. Access to all personal information is restricted with the objective of preventing unauthorised access, modifications or improper use.


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